How do you create a WordPress blog?

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So you've decided to start a WordPress blog, but you're not quite sure how to get started. Don't worry, we are here to help. It may seem self-explanatory, but it is easy to get confused any time you are learning something new. In this post we will break down the process as simply as possible, and make sure by the end you are confident in your ability to create a WordPress Blog.

Let's start at the beginning. You'll want to navigate to and click "Get Started". This part is easy. Select "Start with a blog", and choose a name for your blog. Don't worry about this too much, if you change your mind about the name, you can always scrap it and start another! It's that simple.

Once you've selected your blog name, you just need to pick a plan. There are 3 plans available; Personal, Premium, and Business. WordPress is up front about pricing and benefits, so choosing your plan should be painless.

The next thing to do is confirm your account via email, and log in using your brand new account. Still with me? Great! Now it's time to make your first post! Exciting, isn't it?


Now you are ready to create a blog post. This part is as easy as three clicks. On the left-hand side of your screen, you will see a navigation panel with various categories to choose from. Underneath the word "Manage", you will see "Blog Posts". All you have to do is click "Add" and you are ready to go!

From here, you can do all of the writing, formatting, and publishing for your blog post. The top of the page will have a Title bar for you to input the title for your post, followed by formatting tools and a large text box for typing your blog post.

You can free type your post directly into the text box, or type it in a word processing program (like Word) and then paste it into your text box. From there you can format your text using the formatting tools, and add headers as well as subheaders for improved readability.

On the right hand side you have more advanced options, such as Status as well as Categories and Tags. If you are intending to publish your post at a later date, or you want it dated at an earlier date, you can change the publish date and time in the Status tab.

Categories and Tags help you organize your blog posts into different sections, which can be added in this tab. It allows visitors to your blog to select specific topics and see all of your posts related to that topic. 

Once you are satisfied with your post, you can preview it with the "Preview" button at the top right hand corner, or go ahead and publish it with the "Publish" button. Now sit back and take a look at the work you've done! Aren't you proud of yourself? Good job!

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