What is the importance of social media in business?

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Social media is now part and parcel of almost every person on the planet. Both personal and business relationships are more often than not held together with the bonds of social media. Sharing of every little morsel of information is made easier and faster through social media websites. Mobile apps make these platforms readily available on mobile phones so that people are able to get and post updates even if they are away from their computers.

It is beyond question that social media has become a very important part of modern life. So what does this mean for businesses?

Here's the lowdown on the importance of social media for businesses:

1. Wider reach. Social media presents the opportunity to reach a wider audience and thus a potentially bigger clientele.

2. Easier access. It is now a lot easier to promote your products and service through advertisements and relevant online presence.

3. Personal interaction. Businesses can now readily build rapport and sympathise with their audience through active social media updates.

4. Improved customer service. With social media presence, businesses can more readily provide customer support through post threads.

5. Marketplace insight. This means businesses can easily adjust their services or products according to social media trends.

6. Less expenses on marketing. Social media accounts are free to create and maintain. It's definitely beneficial that one can reach so many for nothing.

7. Search engine benefits. When businesses have social media accounts, their search engine rankings are greatly improved, making it easier to find them.

8. More traffic. It's quite simple; a wider reach means more people know about your business and more people are bound to visit your website and see what your business is all about.

In many cases, social media creates radical changes in the performance of businesses that are active in promoting their pages. It is now considered the top online activity that people all over the world engage in.

So what can social media do for businesses?

It helps business owners establish a stronger brand.

It makes it easier for people to find you.

It improves your sales (naturally).

It helps you exhibit your company's expertise.

It allows you to tap into the consumer’s mindset.

It allows you to interact with your clients/customers.

And its free advertising!

To put it all plainly, social media is as much a part of effective marketing as advertising and email marketing was in the past. That's not all of it but these points basically sum up the importance of social media to businesses in modern times. In fact, it is not just businesses that are taking advantage of the wide reach and influence on social media.

Politicians and groups with political agendas have taken to social media to improve and widen support for their various causes. Bloggers who used to simply post their opinions are now earning thousands just by endorsing or supporting a particular personality, brand or company. Social media has become the modern day equivalent of newspapers and television.

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