How am I successful at running a home business with a family?

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I get asked the question ten times a week: How do you run a home business with a family? Well to be honest with you, somedays it is tough. I have children — toddlers to be exact, I have a husband with a full time job, and I am a student. However I still find time to run a successful home business. How, you ask?

I plan my business schedule around the schedule of my family. I chose a home business that would allow me to work when I had time and still be successful. I work when my children's schedules allow me to have time. I have built a routine with them. I make and take calls when they are napping, I answer emails while they are eating their meals or watching their movie. I host my online parties when my husband is home to help me with our children.

I do all of this and still make time to play with the children, pay attention to my husband and get my house work done. Running a home business with a family requires family participation.

My children help with housework, even at two or three years old they still help mommy pick up the toys, clothes and trash. We make a game out of it and they earn rewards for helping mommy. By doing this I have cut down on the amount of time that I spend away from them and my business, which increases the amount of time that I have to spend investing into my business.

Childcare for meetings outside of the house, or when clients actually need to meet with me can be a bit tricky at times, which is probably why I chose a business where I do not have to worry about these things a lot. When I do however, I try to enlist the help of family and friends or schedule my business meetings when after my husband is home from work. I try my hardest to keep my weekends free because no one likes to work weekends.

So all in all I feel that running a home business with a family has been successful for me because I am mindful of what my personal life is like. This is important when you are choosing a business to run from home. You need to think about things like childcare, your home environment, what kind of daily activities do you have going on in your personal life and what daily activities you will need to schedule for work. You need to ask yourself if you will have the support of your family in all aspects of your business? What sacrifices are you and your family willing to make in order to have a successful business from home? I currently plan to grow and expand my business as my children start school and allow me more time to work from home.

I found the best way to be successful is to run your home business around your family. Family always come first. In my opinion running a successful home business with a family isn't just about how much money you make — rather it is how well it works and how happy you are with it.

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