How does one know if work at home jobs are legitimate?

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There are several different things that can help one know if work at home jobs are legitimate. The first thing to look for is if they want you to pay a big investment up front to acquire a job. Everyone knows that you should get paid to work, not pay someone to work for them. However, there are scammers out there that will try to convince people to pay a large upfront fee and they will be guaranteed a job.

This is not how a real work at home company does business. On rare occasions, there may be a small fee that must be paid for the company to do a background or credit check on you. These are normally less than $50. Other than that, there is no reason for a work at home job to expect you to pay them before you begin working.

Another thing to pay close attention to is the appearance of the website or email pertaining to a particular job. Chances are, if the website has many typing errors and does not look professionally done, it's nothing but a scam. If the supervisor of a certain job emails you back and it is full of misspellings and bad grammar, you might not want to move forward with this company. For all you know the broken English may be due to the fact the supposed supervisor is in a different company and is trying to scam someone into doing some work for free. It's horrible to imagine this happening, but it's a sad fact that goes on every day.

If there aren't any of the above mentioned red flags, you may still want to do some research on work at home jobs before applying. This really isn't as hard as one might think. First, put the name of the company in your search engine to see what others have to say about this company. You will most likely be able to read up on a company whether it is legit or not. If it's a great company to work for, you should find reviews stating that. If it's a complete scam, there will probably be plenty of people talking about it online.

You can also go to the BBB website to see if this company is accredited or not. If it isn't listed with the BBB, this doesn't mean it is a bad company. It may just not have been in business long enough for the BBB to have a report on it. However, if you find the company and it is rated poorly, it's time to run and don't bother looking back. Bad reports with the BBB don't happen just because.

Another resource you may want to check up on for a work from home job is a message board or forum. There are numerous work from home sites that are made up of thousands of members who work from home every day. This is a great way to find out lots of information about jobs. Whether good or bad experiences, the members of these sites discuss many work from home jobs freely and this can be very helpful to someone who wants to know if an online job is worth applying to.

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